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Ossus has the distinction of being the world with the longest continued history with the Jedi Order, barring none. From the time of the Orders official founding in the days of the Old Republics birth to the time of Ossus’ devastation many millenia later, Ossus served as the unofficial center of the Jedi Order until the construction of the great Temple on Coruscant in 5000BBY. The world is also famous for the Great Jedi Library built there under the guidance of the legendary Jedi Master Odan Urr. Ossus is a rugged, lush world with 2/3 of its surface covered in water and an abundance of flora and fauna. It is speculated that the planet was transformed into a desolate irradiated desert world, chemical and electrical storms swept the land the little life remained on the surface. Thousands years down the line the planet’s damage seemed to have been reversed.

The planet is famous for the notable Jedi Great Library and Temple which is one of the first temples used by the Order.


Physical Information


  • Type 1 (Breathable)


  • Temperate


  • Standard

Primary Terrain:

    • Hills
    • Mountains
    • Forests
    • Gorges
    • Caves

Societal Information


  • Ysanna Tribes

Native Species:

  • Ysanna

Immigrated Species:

  • Humans


  • 300 Million

Major Cities:

  • Knossa
  • Lorenna

Major Imports:

  • Technology

Major Exports:

  • Food
  • Plants
  • Mineral Ores

Points of Interest:

  • Jedi Temple of Ossus
  • Imhar Canyon
  • Eocho Mountains
  • Gardens of T’alla
  • Ruins of the Great Jedi Library

Astrographical Information


  • Outer Rim Territories


  • Auril Sector


  • Adega System


  • Adega Prime
  • Adega Besh

Orbital Position:

  • 3


  • Mim
  • Nerit

Grid Co-Ordinates:

Rotation Period:

  • 31 Hours

Orbital Period:

  • 231 Days