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Average Height
1.9 m

Average Weight
160 kg

Notable Members
-Levi Astra
-Silene Astra-Oniron (Half-Morganian)

Biology and Appearance

Outwardly Morganians look like a near-human race, the only distinction being their pale complexion and long tapered ears that could twitch, swivel and flatten in accordance with the emotional state of the subject. They are very different biologically like many humanoid races. The average Morganian male adult from the southern regions grows up to 1.9 meters in height and can weigh 160 kg or more, making them much larger than most near-human races. Female Morganian adults of the same region on the other hand only average at about 1.4 meters and weigh around 80 kg. Compared to their outward appearance in mass they weigh a lot more than they look. This is due to their dense skeletal and muscular systems. A Morganian’s cardiovascular system is most like other species except for the fact that have a six-chambered heart that serves their high metabolism. The average Morganian consumes three times that which a human does in one sitting. Being of mostly nocturnal in nature developed an alignment of nodes and rods within their eyes that allows them to see clearly in near complete darkness with great detail, Due to the unique nature of light on the planet, Morganians tend to suffer adjusting to light on other planets with some losing sight all together. Being nomadic (hunting/gathering) society they have developed keen senses and had highly developed canine teeth and claws.


Living mostly in nomadic tribes, They elected the most intelligent, and wisest to lead them. And, despite this primal system, the tribes actually possess very advanced technology. Though, Morganians prefer to keep technology hidden around their cities known as “deep groves”, it is everywhere. Electing to remain secluded on their planet and only travel off world to pick up new supplies or learn new necessary skills. Their culture highly values Art and Music, and those who possess or develop such talents are highly revered. Each tribe distinguishes itself with different sets of piercings and/or facial tattoos.


The dialect of the southern tribes, contains many shorter syllable style words. This gives an unavoidable thick accent to even practice in galactic Basic.


The tribes’ clothing is exotic in nature. With the hot and humid climate of Tauh it is no wonder they have adopted a “less than clad” attire from core world standards. They also uphold a strong belief that clothing and armor can become restrictive during hunts. As such they often do not wear armor or clothing around their mid-section, head and arms. Relaxed garbs on Tauh seem to be mainly white, tan and red, the more “royalty” colors are blue and gold.