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The Mandalorians

Asdral Gev

Type of Government
Classical Meritocracy

Capital System

Key Worlds
Concord Dawn

Ruling Chieftains
Borus Fett (Fett)
Jaster Bralor (Bralor)
Tolre Skirata (Skirata)
Basal Ordo (Ordo)
Rumen Kryze (Kryze)
Lolen Viszla (Viszla)
Shav Beviin (Beviin)

Mandalorian warrior culture dates back to before 24,000 BBY.

The Mandalorians, being a primarily nomadic society possess no form of centralised government. Indeed they do not even possess a ‘nation’ as understood by most other powers of the galaxy.

The Mandalorians are governed by various chieftains, chosen for their experience and wisdom to lead the various clans. The chieftains themselves answer to the Mand’alor (Mandalore) and the Mand’alor is the closest thing the Mandalorians have to a real head of state.

While their ‘official’ territory is now largely restricted to the Mandalore Sector itself following the end of the “Attrition War,” there still remains small communities of Mandalorians spread across the breadth of the galaxy in keeping with their ancient nomadic-warrior traditions.

In 353 ABY, Asdral Gev challenged the previous Mandalore’s leadership. He defeated the Mandalore in combat, being proclaimed Mandalore the Rebuilder.