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Mandalorian Protectors


The Mandalorian Protectors trace their founding back to the Clone Wars, founded by the former ARC Trooper turned Mandalorian, Mandalore the Resurrector.

Made up primarily of Mandalorian supercommandos, the Protectors have served as both the ‘home guard’ of the Mandalore sector and a mercenary army for hire in the past. Both are somewhat true today. The Protectors serve as what passes as the Mandalorian version of a state army (led personally by the presiding Mand’alor) and are charged with the defense of the Mandalore sector. Individuals within the Protectors however are fully allowed to hire themselves out as mercenaries.

Since the end of the Imperium War, the Mandalorian Protectors have largely turned their focus inwards, assisting in rebuilding efforts and recovery. They continue to stand watch over their home sector however and patrol its borders frequently.