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Kuat was a standard terrestrial planet of clouds, water, and land. Unlike other planets in the galaxy, a single, large man-made ring circled its equator. Serving as Kuat Drive Yards legendary shipyards, the ring appeared to galactic citizenry as an immense scaffold in space, bridged and augmented with enormous habitats and machinery. Inside the scaffolding existed the skeletons of ships and other craft, with tiny bright dots drifting to and from the ships under construction with the habitats of the station. The orbital ring had a total inhabitable area of less than three hundred thousand square kilometers, thus making its livable space smaller than a typical planetary substation.

Due to the planet’s geopolitical significance, its defenses were formidable. Guarded by a significant ground-based garrison along with a large Imperial fleet, its defenses were considered nearly impenetrable, with a large percentage directed towards space combat.

Kuat is one of the very first members of the Galactic Republic and with good reasons, indeed the Kuat planet itself isn’t that interesting, but rather its shipyard which is one if not the largest shipyard in the galaxy. A great system to have on your side.


Physical Information


  • Type 1 (Breathable)


  • Temperate


  • Standard

Primary Terrain:

    • Plains
    • Forests

Societal Information


  • Aristocracy

Native Species:

  • None

Immigrated Species:

  • Humans


  • 5.3 Billion

Major Cities:

  • Kuat City

Major Imports:

  • Electronics
  • Machinery
  • Raw Materials

Major Exports:

  • Starships
  • Luxury Goods

Points of Interest:

  • Gardens of Tralala
  • Nebula Orchid
  • Tekshar Falls

Astrographical Information


  • Core


  • Kuat Sector


  • Kuat System


  • Kuat

Orbital Position:

  • 4


  • Bador
  • Ronay

Grid Co-Ordinates:

Rotation Period:

  • 20 Hours

Orbital Period:

  • 322 Days