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Kashyyyk is most famously known for being the homeworld of the equally as famous Wookiees. This tropcial planet filled with enourmous trees that can easily be a few hundred meters tall has always been a strategic planet, as an ally for the Galactic Republic and as slaves for the Galactic Empire which enslaved the strong and resistant wookiees to use as workers in mines and all sorts of Imperial projects.
However, Kashyyyk isn’t just a tribal planet full of Wookiees living in trees. Even if it is part of it, Kashyyyk is also a great technological ally as they produce a great amount of components for Terminals, datapads and Navigation computers in Thikkiiana City. The many other Wookiee wroshyr tree cities either export Natural ressources or leave in auto-sufficance and do not need to export or import anything.
Some would say the Wookiees of Kashyyyk found the perfect balance between exploiting the planets ressources and respecting the environment.


Physical Information


  • Type 1 (Breathable)


  • Tropical


  • Standard

Primary Terrain:

    • Giant Jungle Forests
    • Seas
    • Lakes
    • Riverlands

Societal Information


  • Council

Native Species:

  • Wookiees

Immigrated Species:

  • Humans
  • Sayormi
  • Terentateks


  • 53 Million

Major Cities:

  • Rwookrrorro (Capital)
  • Kachirho
  • Thikkiiana City (Technological capital)

Major Imports:

  • Processed metals
  • Medicine

Major Exports:

  • Electronic Components
  • Wood and Plants

Points of Interest:

  • Kkowir Forest (Dead Forest)
  • Myydril Caverns
  • Nother World and Shadow Forest
  • Wawatt Arcchipelago
  • Waraki Islands
  • Western Forest

Astrographical Information


  • Mid Rim


  • Mytaranor sector


  • Kashyyyk System


  • Kashyyyk

Orbital Position:

  • 3


  • 3

Grid Co-Ordinates:

Rotation Period:

  • 26 Hours

Orbital Period:

  • 381 Days