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Imperial Knights

Notable Members

Grandmaster – Empress Bellitria Fel
Second-in-Command – Master Felten Hossk
Master Armourer – Master Doran Rae
Master Civeron
Master Delmi N’jork
Knight K’ljor Aerax
Apprentice Tanet’k Rethin
Apprentice Corek Lumar
Apprentice Kara Si’le


The history of the Imperial Knights goes back over three centuries. While the details of their founding are officially classified, it is widely believed that the Order was founded by the legendary former Jedi Knight, Jaina Solo, in 45ABY. Since their founding the Imperial Knights have served the Emperor/Empress as his or her elite bodyguards and agents, performing missions and assignments across the length of the Empire and answering only to their ruling monarch.

The Imperial Knights, unlike the Force users of the Fel Empire’s predecessor, openly reject the Dark Side. That being said they are not the closest adherents of the Light Side of the Force either, merely seeing the Force as a tool to be used in their duties. Unlike their counterparts in the Jedi Order they are not trained as diplomats, their training focussed instead on combat, discipline and loyalty to their Emperor/Empress. Many of the Order’s original members were former Jedi and, as a result, the Imperial Knights share many of the combat forms and techniques of their counterparts in the Jedi Order. Imperial Knights rarely work alone however and their training reflects this. The two lightsaber combat forms unique to the Imperial Knights, Praetoria Vonil and Praetoria Ishu focus heavily on teamwork and coordination with ones peers in battle.

The Imperial Knights saw a great deal of action in the war with the Sith Imperium, being deployed in an effort to battle Sith forces and drive them from Imperial territory. While their numbers were devastated during the war, the Order survived and is undergoing slow yet steady rebuilding under Empress Bellitria Fel.