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Homeworld: Trandosha

Species: Trandoshan


Born on Trandosha on 186.27, Feksk grew up among politics, as his mother was a local governor of Trandosha, and his father was one of the senators from Trandosha to the Galactic Alliance. A young Feksk was often spotted in the senate chamber on Coruscant, always alongside his father, very interested in the happenings of the galactic government. He was raised as a proper male Trandoshan, with a heavily vested belief in the traditional religion of Trandoshans, and was always very open about his faith.

By the age of 23, Feksk was elected as a representative to the local government on Trandosha, and within only five years time, he took his father’s place as one of the two senators to the Galactic Alliance. He was known for his conservative views, and while some believed him to be a bit too strict, he was often among the leaders of progressive legislation, and many knew him as being very level-headed and able to deal with various situations, always seeking the best interests of the Alliance. Due to this, it was no surprise when Feksk was appointed by then-Chief of State Dakran Fasiri as the Minister of State on 239.14.

Feksk’s ascension to the position of Chief of State came easily enough on 245.30, when Chet Kerrick resigned from office, and in suit with the Galactic Alliance’s processes, Feksk was appointed as the interim leader. Maintaining the office following the fraud exposed with Kerrick’s resignation was no easy task, and it is believed that it was because of Feksk’s actions as interim Chief that he was elected to the full position when elections were held on 246.21.

However, in less than a year’s time, Feksk was faced with what he believed could be the unraveling of the Galactic Alliance when on 247.17 the systems of Bespin, Bakura, Haruun Kal, Katan Ahk, and Naboo declared independence from the Alliance and the formation of the Commonwealth. Keeping with his conservative ideology, Feksk condemned the secession and immediately ordered a complete trade blockade around the five systems. The following three years would become known as the Commonwealth-Secessionary War, with Feksk at the center of the conflict.

Recently released records have shown that much of the conflict was solely Feksk’s fault, as he would often use the Galactic Alliance Intelligence Department to carry out secret operations behind the senate’s back that involved assassinations, false new propaganda, and other means of making the Commonwealth seem like a larger threat than they really were. Feksk believed that by doing this he would turn the general public against the Commonwealth, bringing them to a quick defeat and once again unifying the galaxy under the Galactic Alliance. It is now the common belief, however, that his actions caused the war to last much longer than it would have if he had not done these things, and that sympathy for the Commonwealth actually grew out of his maneuvers.

On 250.07, Feksk would breathe his last, when his personal confidant, Gabe Alkorda, would assassinate Feksk in his own private office. His funeral was held publicly on Trandosha, with a large crowd in attendance, many of whom cheered for their fallen leader. He received an underground burial in the village where he was born, and his birthday has been made a public holiday on Trandosha, to honor the former Chief of State.

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