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Lying on the crossroutes of the Rimma Trade Route, Hydian Way, Lipsec Run, and Yankirk Route, Eriadu is a hub of Galactic trade in the Outer Rim Territories. Located in the Seswenna sector and a former member of the Galactic Alliance, it defected to the Commonwealth during 260 ABY. Eriadu has suffered greatly from atmospheric pollution caused by its industry and overpopulation, consequentially forcing planetary authorities to limit immigration greatly. This prevents Eriadu from increasing beyond a sustainable capacity and keeps living conditions from deteriorating and more ghettos from forming. Over twenty-three billion sentients currently live on Eriadu, the majority of them Humans, though Eriadu serves as host to a variety of species and is not nearly as Humanocentric as in its past. The terrain is quite rugged and therefore population is generally concentrated in urban sprawls, such as Eriadu City and Phelar.