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Dantooine is a temperate planet with rolling grasslands and plains as its primary form of terrain. Though other commercial industries have slowed development over the past millenia, its primary export is still agriculture. The planet also serves as host to one of the many present branches of the Jedi Order. Despite its remote location, Dantooine has served as an important location during numerous wars. In recent times, it was a significant and resilient site of Commonwealth resistance during the Commonwealth War of Secession, though the Enclave there was captured and used as a military base by the Galactic Alliance until 251 ABY, when the Treaty of Bespin was signed, officially ending the CW War. Dantooine eventually suffered a terrible assault by a join-effort of Chiss and Mandalorian forces, losing the planet to invaders quickly and bearing the utter destruction of the Jedi enclave once stationed there. Although Dantooine is now a very nice holiday destination, it wasn’t always like this. The planet went through many wars, including but not limited to: Infinite Empire, Old Sith Wars, Clone Wars Galactic Civil War and Yuuzhan Vong War. Nowadays, the planet is peaceful thanks to the Republican Security Forces and the Jedi Temple.


Physical Information


  • Type 1 (Breathable)


  • Temperate


  • Standard

Primary Terrain:

    • Ocean
    • Savanna
    • Mountain
    • Steppes
    • Rivers
    • Grasslands

Societal Information


  • Galactic Republic Control
  • Tribal

Native Species:

  • Dantari (Endangered)

Immigrated Species:

  • Humans
  • Selkath
  • Chalactans
  • Ithorians
  • Mandalorians
  • Rodians


  • 5 Billion

Major Cities:

  • Garang (capital)
  • Khoonda
  • Eol Sha Colony

Major Imports:

  • High-tech Items
  • Luxury Items

Major Exports:

  • Crops
  • Fruits
  • Wood
  • Brith Meat
  • Iriaz Meat

Points of Interest:

  • Jedi Enclave
  • Khoonda Plains
  • Rakatan Ruins
  • Crystal Caves

Astrographical Information


  • Outer Rim Territories


  • Raioballo Sector


  • Dantooine system


  • Dina

Orbital Position:

  • 4


  • 2

Grid Co-Ordinates:

Rotation Period:

  • 25 Hours

Orbital Period:

  • 378 Days