JEDI HoloNet



Galactic Basic

Average Height

Notable Members
-Kamisama Hi
-Raulos Aquilo
-Xaran Varc

Biology and Appearance

Chistori possessed exceptional physical strength and startling reflexes, and were built heavier and stronger than most humanoids, including Humans. Unlike another race of reptilian humanoids, the Barabels, Chistori had no tails. Chistori had a distinctive head with small eyes and sometimes coloured stains. Like many reptilian species, they were cold-blooded, and like the Trandoshans, they had a thick durable hide.


Though their population numbered only in the thousands, they were relatively widespread throughout the galaxy, having been part of galactic society for centuries. Their original home world was unknown. Instead, like Humans, individuals identified themselves with the planet they were raised on.