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Bothan Clans

Head of Government
First Secretary
Combined Clans
(Bothan Council)

Type of Government
Parliamentary Republic

Capital System

Key Systems
Moonus Mandel

The Bothan Clans have stood as a neutral government for centuries. Indeed, their sector was never a full member of the Old Republic, Galactic Empire or the New Republic that came after it. Even now it is almost entirely independent of the Republic, only really being joined by mutual trade agreements and intelligence sharing.

The clans have used this to their benefit, selling their skills as (arguably) the galaxy’s best spies and espionage agents to those who can afford them, notably selling information to both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. Their spynet is the largest in the galaxy and anyone even half competent in the field has at least one contact among their number.

Perhaps deservedly Bothans have a reputation for being untrustworthy. Indeed they have a great love of politics and intrigue and anyone dealing with them should remember that they almost always place the needs of their clan and the Bothan territories above all else.

Staying true to their tradition of neutrality, they remained out of both the Attrition Wars and the war with the Sith Imperium.