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Type of Government
Constitutional Monarchy

Official Language
Galactic Basic Standard



The planet Alderaan, was formerly located in the Core Worlds of the galaxy and was the second planet in the Alderaan System. However today, the planet is a mere asteroid belt, known simply as “The Graveyard”.

The planet was widely renowned throughout the galaxy in its’ days of prosper for its preserved beauty in landscape. Alderaanians were extremely delicate in the construction of architecture, keeping all structures around the land to preserve as much of the natural environment as they could.

The fate of the planet became engraved in the history of the galaxy when Grand Moff Tarkin, the commanding officer of the first Death Star created by the First Galactic Empire used the Death Stars’ laser technology to destroy the peaceful haven as a demonstration, with the intent on causing the galaxy to fall through intimidation as a result.

Alderaan’s landscape in general featured a variety of settings ranging from simple grasslands to swamps, deserts, ice caps and jungles, as well as various mountain ranges, their major outputs being wine, art and luxury items.

Alderaan was destroyed the same year as the Battle of Yavin took place.