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Who Am i?

Gabe Alkorda

Who am I?

I am Gabe Alkorda. I am a man. I am a teacher. I am a learner. I am a mentor, a friend, a counselor, an advisory councilor, an enemy, a historian, a duelist, an athlete. I am nothing.

I am nothing but an extension of the Force. The Force flows through me, using me to see its will come to pass.

I know no emotion, and this brings me peace. Peace that allows me to see clearly, beyond my human nature and restrictions. Allows me to discern between good and evil, regardless of what my heart is telling me to feel, for my mind knows that the heart is lost to emotion, and can unintentionally blind me to the true Will of the Force. I listen to my heart and my mind, though, and counsel the results with the Force, in order to discern the correct path and decide if I am on the right path. The Force cuts through emotion and finds peace.

I am not ignorant, for I have filled that void with knowledge. Experience of the past has allowed me to cope with the present, and in effect prepare and anticipate the future. I have learned under the Force’s guidance through another one of its pupils. I contain knowledge of the galaxy, life, and existence, but am not filled, as the Force still has more to teach me. The Force destroys ignorance with knowledge.

I do not harbor passion; rather, I act in serenity. The Force allows me to do this by quelling the pressures and outbursts of my heart and human temptation, and causes me to assume calmness and wear it as a protective cloak. My heart would see me engulfed with my reactions and instinct, behaving like a wild animal. My mind would have me think logically, behaving like a computer; it is either 0 or 1. The Force would have me listen to it and act upon it. The Force deprives me of my passion, granting me serenity.

I will not die, no, I will embrace the Force. Death is a term created by lost souls who know not of the Force and its everlasting realm of life. What they call “life” and “death” is in actuality two versions of life; “life” is the physical aspect of our life, and “death” is our life in the Force. I prepare myself daily for when I will graduate into the Force, and I shed myself of all attachment to the physical realm, in order to not just cross over the barrier between physicality and oneness with the Force, but so that I may actually break that barrier, giving me free passage back if in the future my presence is needed. While “death” holds no attraction from me, nor does “life”. I do not favor one half of life over the other, as it is all one life, granted by the Force. The Force knows no death, it knows that it exists, and that itself is life.

I know the Code, which was written by Jedi Masters, as told by the Force. The Force dictates my path, but it is my choice to follow that path, and follow that path, I will. I will serve the Force forever, and will not let the transition from physicality to oneness with the Force stop me. Yes, even after passing, I will continue to be a soldier of the light, and do all in my power, with the Force’s aid, to see its will take place. I am a follower of the Force, a follower of the light, and a follower of good. I am a Jedi.