JEDI HoloNet

Use of the Force

Jamus Kevari

As Jedi, we are gifted with wondrous capabilities that we use in the name of good, of justice, of ultimate peace through the Force. We may manipulate existence through physical and non-physical means in order to achieve galactic stability. In addition, we carry the weapon of the lightsaber, a symbol of our Order’s grand history and the power that which we wield. Many different conflicts ┬áhave been spectators to the abilities of Jedi, from civil disputes to wars. Whether we are beloved or hated, not many dispute a Jedi’s potential to affect his or her surrounding existence. But what are we without it?

For many, we are nothing. To be born with the Force is to have a sixth sense, a subtle yet powerful asset that allows us to see existence differently that the average sentient being. In such, physical, mental, and even spiritual abilities are grown much faster within us, the basic mysteries seen clearer than through the eyes of another. If a Jedi were to be stripped away instantly of the Force, they would be fortunate to be able to stand and walk, let alone leaping and swinging. Many of us are that reliant upon it.

Take for example now another hypothetical situation. What if a normally skilled person was granted the abilities of the Force on par with a Jedi Knight? The difference lies in the foundation. This man or woman runs, applies mathematics, and solves problems with solid capability without the fortuitous backing of what we call the Force. To add something as great as the Force to an already-capable being makes the Force a true ally, rather than a powerful yet completely reliant crutch.

It is then important to consider fueling ourselves with the knowledge and capabilities we would be afforded without the gift of the Force. Shut our minds towards the ringing bell of the Force for a few moments, consider opening a locked door without supernatural insight. Learn what may seem as fickle skills such as gardening or basic mechanics, and see in the future how they may allow you to grow, if not assist you in a dire situation. There are many ways to destroy a lightsaber, and a few ways to hinder our use of the Force through technology and other esoteric means.

When that time comes, will you be capable of mounting an escape?