JEDI HoloNet


Cyril Feraan

In meditating upon the nature of truth, the Jedi ought to consider whether her own perception has been previously distorted by convenient perceptions that push towards the satisfaction of what is easy, rather than that which is just. The idle and foolish Jedi will therefore call what is untrue satisfactory and sets a new precedent in the wake of her own untruths. The wise Jedi admits failure and instead strives to better herself. She is able to correct her own path before it is too late.

Thus we are faced with a matter of pride. Only the Jedi who has fully self-actualized, having come to terms with his deepest sense of self, may overcome this obstacle. If we are not certain of our own identity, we are all the more likely to engage in deceit, as it is the natural tendency of creatures lacking discipline and fulfilling the primal urges of emotion.

It is necessary, then, to make truth transcend from concept to habit in our lives. We are left blameless and the Jedi Order as an entity is purified. Do not neglect this fact: the tarnish of the stain left behind by a lie takes tenfold longer to wash away than the temporary pain of an unpleasant truth. Therefore the idle and foolish Jedi will cover up her errors with intricate deceits to preserve her pride and yet only leave ruin in her wake, while the wise Jedi is straightforward despite her own misgivings, and begins to rebuild trust after transgression.

For it is far too easy to become complacent with ourselves, settling upon half-truths and distorted realities to satisfy the inner most cogwheels of our consciousness.

And dishonesty may be closer than we think.