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The Path


The Path is an elegant and simple game of strategy and planning. Ever constant is the flow of the Force and ever constant must a Jedi bend and move with it’s current; never against it, but with mindfulness towards one’s direction.

The play area is limited to a five by five grid. Each Jedi controls five pieces starting in the row of squares closest to them. The pieces start with a Master pawn in the middle with two Padawan pawns to either side. The Master pawn’s starting space is your Force Nexus.

Both Jedi are given five Techniques, two to each and one shared. You may select the five Techniques for play howsoever you wish, but traditionally there are no duplicate Techniques. Different Praxeums have created their own ‘house rules’ over the years, as your Order will as well.

The oldest player goes first.

Ossus: the oldest player goes first, but the younger player follows with two turns.

Illum: no speaking during your turn or you forfeit that turn.


Each Jedi takes two steps:

Step 1: Move & Attack
Step 2: Exchange Techniques

Step 1: Move & Attack

Choose one of the two Techniques you have been given, then move one of your pawns (Padawan or Master) as shown on that Technique.

  • The circle in the middle of the grid represents the space your chosen pawn occupies, the squares indicate where your pawn can move, relative to it’s starting position.
  • You can move your pawn to any one of the spaces indicated by either Technique in your possession.
  • Other pawns (yours or your opponents) and your Nexus do not block the movement of your pawns across the grid.
  • You can never make a move that would cause a pawn to move out of the starting 5×5 grid, or move onto the same square as one of your own pawns.
  • If your pawn moves onto a square that is occupied by one of your opponent’s pawns, the opponent’s pawn is captured and removed from play.
  • You must actually land on the piece to capture it – moving over or through a space occupied by an opponents piece does not capture it.

Step 2: Exchange Techniques

  • Exchange the Technique you used with the shared Technique that is not in either Jedi’s possession.
  • The second Jedi takes their turn, following the same two steps.
  • Continue to take turns until one of you has won the game, demonstrating Mastery of Body or Mastery of Spirit.
  • To win by Mastery of Body, you must capture your opponent’s Master pawn.
  • To win by Mastery of Spirit, you must capture your opponent’s Force Nexus with your Master pawn.
  • Remember that the Technique you use can be very quickly used against you. To Master the Path, one must be mindful of the Force as it flows between you and your opponent.


01 – Jung                             09 – Soresu

02 – Jung Ma                      10 – Ataru

03 – Shun                             11 – Shien

04 – Sai                           12 – Djem So

05 – Flowing Water            13 – Niman

06 – Dulon                             14 – Sokan

07 – Shii-Cho                    15 – Jar’Kai

08 – Makashi                    16 – Tràkata

~Znyr ri-Baszt~
~Jedi Master~