JEDI HoloNet


To become a Jedi requires the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. Adherents to the Jedi way closely follow a code that guides their actions to preserve peace and harmony in the galaxy. It is here where you will learn this code and begin your journey to discover what it truly means to be a Jedi.

Part I: The Precepts

Emotion, yet peace.
Ignorance, yet knowledge.
Passion, yet serenity.
Chaos, yet harmony.
Death, yet the Force.

Part II: The Tenets

  • Guard society with justice
  • Do not act for personal power
  • Respect all life
  • Community before individuals
  • Help those who cannot help themselves
  • Do not harm those who cannot harm you
  • Use the Force to serve the Force
  • Above all else, is the will of the Force

Part III: The Guidelines

  • Use the Force for knowledge and defense, not for attack. A lightsaber cannot solve problems, it can only prevent them. Seek peaceful solutions.
  • Do not seek personal gain for the sake of personal gain, but rather for the sake of better serving the Force, and only for this reason. Personal gain is futile as it will pass when you do.
  • Be mindful of feelings, as they interfere with intuition from the Force.
  • Meditate always on the Light side of the Force, gaining knowledge from it and honoring your duty as a follower of it.
  • The Dark Side appears beautiful and feels wonderful, but is ultimately a trap, eventually causing pain, despair, and utmost suffering. Beware of its temptation.
  • The Light Side is a long and narrow path, but is the true calling from the Force and brings complete peace when practiced.
  • Seek knowledge through the training of the spirit and of the mind.
  • Harmony, peace, and compassion center oneself on the Force, allowing deeper connection and true understanding.
  • To kill is to scar ones soul, and is an act that while sometimes necessary, should never be taken lightly or resorted to quickly.
  • The Force is present in all life, binding all and unifying all. Learn that you are of it, that you came from it, and that you will one day return to it.

Part IV: The Attributes

When in the shadow of something that may seem to be larger than yourself, you must stand nevertheless and confront that which you face. Do not fear, do not doubt, but rather act in bravery.

Never forget the singular truth in all of existence that is the Force. It always was, always is, and always will be. Know that the Light will bring peace, and that through the will of the Force, your actions will be just, and you will remain true to your calling.

Training is what makes you who you are. Just as a wheel sharpens a sword, training sharpens the Jedi, solidifying them as a Knight of the Force. Your training will never end; you must be disciplined enough to remain on the path of the Light.

Hold fast to that which you say you honor and do not act through the light only in the open, but keep these practices for your inner-self as well. Remember that you do not serve others, who only see you when you are near them, but that you serve the Force, which is always aware of your existence.

Always remember that while you are able to use the Force, you are no better than those who cannot. You are only a Jedi because you have been trained as a Jedi, not because you are superior to others.

While the Force has no limits, you do. Consider all possibilities, even those that may not end in victory for you. Always know that you are capable of failure, and that your successes are a gift from the Force.

A cause is not lost until you accept that it is lost. Always strive for success, in hopes that you will overcome whatever boundaries may lie in your path. Do not ever accept failure as a solution, only as a possibility.

Rarely are matters simply black and white. There will be times when it will be difficult to discern the right course of action. You should always strive to look at problems from different angles, calling upon the Force for aid. Be sure of your actions, for they will always have an impact followed by consequences.

Always be aware of your environment. Know that rushing into things is rarely the best solution, and that it is always best to take note of surrounding circumstances. Be wary of what may appear to be easy, for it may be just the opposite. Be prepared for everything.

Always strive to carry the truth. It permits a clean conscience, and allows you to avoid falling into a web of deception. If you cannot be honest with those you serve, you cannot be honest with yourself, and therefore can never be sure of your place in the Force.

Tied closely to honesty is dependability. When you speak through truth, make sure that your actions will not cause your words to become false after they have been spoken. Always carry out with what you promise, and honor those whom you’ve offered service to. The Force has not let you down, you should not let the Force down.