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Seek Life


In ancient days there was no Jedi Order. Adepts of the Force would seek out a Jedi Master in order to become their Padawan. One such prospect identified a possible Jedi Master, a humble man who lived by himself near a stream.

Every day the young prospect would hike to the Master’s hovel to petition for training. “I want, more than anything, to know the ways of the Force,” the young man would say. Each time he was rejected out of hand. The Master would stand on the banks of the stream and look over its currents while dismissively saying, “That is not what you want. Go home.”

The young man fumed and brooded over night, thinking such thoughts as who is this man who claims to know my desires? And resolved to return for a final attempt at engaging in training tomorrow.

The next morning, the young man brashly made his way to the Master’s hovel and drew near to him, demanding, “Teach me the ways of the Force, I know my own mind and I tell you I want it more than anything in this Galaxy!”

In a flash, the Master collected the young man by the scruff of the neck and held him under the surface of the creek, where he could not draw but a watery breath. When the young man’s panicked breath was about to expire, the Master let him sputter upon the shore and fill his lungs once more.

Only when he was collected did the Master ask, “When you were under the water, what is it you wanted most?”

To which the young man answered, “To breathe.”