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The Precepts to the Jedi Code

Axem Keigoku

There is no emotion; with emotions, the judgment is clouded, when clouded, peace cannot be attend. Emotions are the motor of life; Love, as example, is what tends two people to be together, but while being together, especially as a Jedi, this last one, could have save people, prevent attacks or stop Evil from growing or gaining terrain.

Though love being a flaw, since it creates expectations and attachment, which are forbidden for the Jedi Order, is one lead for a Jedi to strive. Without love, love for what he thinks, those around him, those that are his brothers and sisters, he, as a Jedi cannot sustain his duties as one. Without love, he will show no mercy, which is important when dealing with people, justice and worlds.

Peace is one other lead; The Jedi has to be at peace with the Force and his surrounding in order to use the Force itself. A Jedi without a calm, peaceful mind will only bring grief to the Force, creating an unbalance within it. Without Peace, a Jedi is not. While there is no Emotions to cloud the judgment of a Jedi, he can then be at peace, not thinking about what others think, fearing their judgment, but do the duties that were assigned to him. Though, if he does so without a single thought, he is a lost cause to the Jedi Brotherhood, as without love, mercy will never be shown. A vile circle of control.

A Jedi must control his emotion, letting him be at peace. While in such state, he is now in league and able to perform the feats that marks us as Jedi, and complete the assignment he was given, by or the Jedi Council or the Force itself, and such, with a wise understanding of life, and the potential effects of misuse of his feats.

Ignorance, and those that hides into their stupidity only bring deception to those that finally open their eyes. To a Jedi, ignorance is a missing word, as they must know of the Force. The Ignorant will hide, and feat it, while the Jedi will hear It and be one with it. As an ally, a feat, a friend, the Force gives understanding, compassion and trust into the wise Jedi.

While the ignorant claim and often live by the expedient lie, the Jedi, with his duties, along with the Force as an ally, go deeper, seeking the unseekable, the very truth in all matter. But one must not confuse the pursuit of Knowledge and curiosity, as one is done in agreement with the Force and its Council, while the other is in no use except for the Jedi, as in this case, the Jedi is not. Curiosity is one flaw, a must know-all goal that will only bring gossips, grief and disharmony trough and within the Jedi and the Order.

Knowledge is, in itself, a gift and a curse. One must understand that not all wants or has to know, and as a Jedi, this is even a harder choice, as what to reveal and what to keep for himself. As when he does reveal the information of knowledge he carries and bare, he must not endanger himself, the Order, his duties as a Jedi and the Force in its own form. Gift as knowledge allows understanding and wisdom, it also allow the Force to flow through the Jedi, allowing, again, to perform the feats that marks us.

There must be no passion must be tampered with mercy, as if a Jedi shows no passion to his duty, it is with a cold heart he will deal with. As with too much passion, the Jedi will not be able to let go of important things that could be learned at another point in time. Though, again, without any form of compassion, the Jedi will be of no use for the Force, as it seeks balance. Utmost control over the passion is key to the Jedi, showing mercy and love toward those that trust him, and also toward the Force that allows him such feats, the Jedi strive on a serene path.

While in peace, the Jedi is Serene, one with the Force, listening to its commandment and learn of its will. While with too much passion, it will be clouded, as passion is not only a state of mind, but also an emotion. As when there is Emotions, the judgment is clouded, the Jedi must understand that without one of these Precepts, the Jedi Order cannot live on, the understanding cannot go forth. Without emotion, there is a perfectly clear judgment, though no mercy is given. Without Passion, the Jedi strives for nothing, wandering his mind endlessly. While with too much, he cannot understand fully the reasons of things and events. A control must be, for a Jedi to be able of understanding the perfect balance between Emotion, Peace, Passion and Serenity.

Death is nothing to the Jedi, as he knows already that, with the Force as an ally, there is never death. A Jedi that fails to life doesn’t to the Force, thus, there is no Death, as a Jedi always live with the Force, and not solely with Life.

Though, not having a Life form, the Jedi is of less use to the Force, though, he is still to those that learn from him. While being able to show teachings while being one with the Force, the Jedi never dies. Learning how to restrain his Identity from the Force, being allowed for periodic visits in the Living world, the Jedi shows mastery of all the Precepts. Passion for those of the living, love without attachment, Serenity to perform such an exhaustive feat, Peace, as without it, chaos, from battlegrounds to the very mind of the Jedi is in turmoil.