JEDI HoloNet

Praise After Death

Gabe Alkorda

Often when Jedi become one with the Force, they are greatly praised, sometimes monuments are built, sometimes the name is simply remembered throughout the ages. This is a very hard topic to analyze, but I will do my best.

As Jedi, we are taught humility. We learn that it is not good to think too highly of oneself, or of others as well. It is alright to compliment others, as well as respect them. However, we must be sure to not think of them too highly, as this can often lead to thinking of them as higher than others. All life is of equal value. No one person is greater than another. Granted, one’s deeds may not be as honorable or respectable as another’s, but this does not degrade the value of their life.

How then, would it be okay to do the very thing we are taught not to do after one has passed on? Some of the more commonly revered Jedi would obviously be Master Yoda, Master Windu, and Master Skywalker. While all three of these are very respectable, and deserve such, we should not think that they are higher than anyone else. Yes, they may have had a stronger, deeper connection to the Force, yes they may have done amazing things, and strengthened the Jedi Order, yes they may have greatly helped society as a whole, however, this does not make them better than others, and therefore should not be treated as such.

Now, I am not saying that it is wrong to build a monument for someone. This is perfectly legitimate, as long as it is merely out of respect, not out of “worship” for lack of a better word. Respect is a fine thing to hold for those that deserve it, and is one of the greatest compliments one can receive from someone else. In educating and training future Jedi, we must be sure to teach them to respect. We must teach them to be reverent. But we must also teach them the difference between respect and thinking someone is greater than someone else.