JEDI HoloNet


Cyril Feraan

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. It is the internal conviction that motivates many of our decisions and so greatly influences society. Faith itself is valuable, yet it alone gives us nothing (a principle without veritable results is useless), but instead leads us onto the path by which we may do right unto others and ourselves. The fruit of our labors is merely a byproduct.

True faith is not inherently ignorant or foolish. It is not blind but based in good reason; no one holds faith without a firm foundation. Indeed, we can maintain that it is in fact a crucial factor for a Jedi; the Jedi must have good faith in the Force to establish any meaningful connection with it. The Force itself, however, is unseen, and until we correctly place our faith in it, we will be beholding something we do not understand. For this is the essence of our faith as Jedi: that the Force might make clear the realities that we comprehend, that we trust. That we have faith because by faith we have come to know these things, and our faith is affirmed by our own perception and our own conviction. For there is no ignorance; there is knowledge, and by this knowledge, we then know that our faith has been well placed.

Thus, we should strive to affirm our faith. However, in doing so, it is prudent that we should keep ourselves true. That is, we should not engage in pursuits that are dangerous or wrong simply to try to provide proofs for our faith. For while faith can be affirmed by reality, and it is wrong to hold faith without even one cause, it is equally wrong to lust for things such as heretical ideas, forbidden knowledge…to test our faith as Jedi. For this is the nature of how doctrine can slowly be twisted over time. This is also why Jedi are encouraged not to become too involved in heretical theories, to engage in unknown techniques without the prequisite experience, to meddle in the Dark Side, which threatens to consume every one of us. What begins as innocent curiosity turns into everything our Order strives to prevent. Faith is destroyed and in its place evil emerges.

Therefore if we are true in our faith, we will take faith at its word, we will be faithful to the principles of our Order, trusting the knowledge of our elders while yet preventing ourselves from falling into ignorance, which is strictly forbidden, and with good reason. For he who is ignorant cannot possibly be prepared to adequately defend and teach his own faith, and then pass on his wisdom as a Jedi in the Order.

By no means is faith alone arrogant. For if we have true confidence in our faith, then it is only natural that we should believe that we, indeed, have stumbled upon the correct explanation. And with this, our approach is established, our mindset confirmed, and in this faith, we might find true peace by Order, by the Code, and by the Force.