JEDI HoloNet

Faith and Morality

Gabe Alkorda

The common citizen of the Galactic Alliance will most likely have some form of morals. They will have in their minds guidelines as to what is right, and what is wrong. They will act upon such things, doing what they believe to be best. Most of the time. Often times, though, their emotions will guide their actions. Emotions such as passion, jealousy, love, hatred. Often times they will tell themselves that what they are doing is for the common good, when in reality, it is often for their personal gain and agenda.

As Jedi, we follow the Jedi Code, learning and meditating on it’s guidance. We do not act upon emotion. We do not act out of ignorance. We do not act out of passion. We are Jedi, we have meditated through the Force to find that acting upon such things is wrong, and often makes one’s moral guidelines “hazy”. Jealousy, love, hatred, all of these things can lead to acting wrongly. We may believe what we are doing to be for the common good, but, like the average person, it is not for the greater good, put for the personal good. We have been blinded by emotion, ignorance, and passion.

Reviewing this, a logical statement may arise: “Jedi are better than the common people. The Jedi Order is an elite group of persons.” This is a very controversial issue and should be avoided by members of the Order. However, I will address this. The best way I can explain it is comparing it to a compliment. If one goes around complimenting themselves, even if the statements are true, it will often give off the appearance of being egotistical. It will also lead to a feeling of arrogance within the individual. However, if others give the compliments, in moderation, it is alright. Receiving compliments can also lead to a feeling of arrogance, but the risk is much smaller. This is directly related to the “Elite Organization” claim. As Jedi, we may indeed be “better” than the average person. I would not say this, but some may. As Jedi we simply have strengthened our connections to the Force and meditated upon such things. We do not have “higher” morals, just “deeper” morals. Our morals are more thought out, more refined. We do not act out of emotional impulses. Our morals may be better than others, but, like earlier with the compliment metaphor, we should not say it. We are peacekeepers of the galaxy, not Royal Henchmen.

If one were to follow the idea that Jedi are “better” than others, it would lead to the question “Why don’t Jedi rule the galaxy?”. There is an ancient saying, “Power Corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This is very true. If the Jedi Order was to rule the galaxy, it may be good for a time, as the Jedi Code may be enforced, deeper morals promoted, and a better universal understanding of the Force. However, the Jedi High Council, which would obviously control most of the galaxy, as they are the leading officials of the Order. All this power at their fingertips would lead to great temptation. They would realize that they had absolute power, and begin to want more. This would leave them treading a very thin line between the Light and Dark sides of the Force.

However, as my Master says, “One should not cross a bridge before they approach it.” It is not wise to think out what would happen if faced with such a situation. We must have faith that the Order would continue to follow the Code, continue to follow the Light. We must have faith in the Force, and that we will not fall to the temptation of the Dark Side. We must have faith.

However, I was asked by my Master to tell what I believe would happen to the Jedi Order if they were to rule the galaxy. I was wary about this at first for the reason stated above. However, I have meditated on this, and will explain what I believed would happen, and what I now believe will happen.

Before I meditated, I thought that the Jedi Order would crumble. The power would overcome the Council, turning them to the Dark Side. They would become power-hungry, wanting more and more of what they already had. They would teach these things to the Knights and Padawans of the Order, and what they did not teach the Knights and Padawans would practice from influence. No person could withstand such temptation, such pressure from the Dark Side. The temptation would become overpowering, luring even the strongest Jedi to the depths of the Dark Side. The result would be turmoil in the galaxy. The Sith Empire would rise again, led by the former Jedi Council. The galaxy would face dark times, plunging further and further into chaos.

That is what I used to believe. However, I have meditated on this, and realized that I was wrong. This is an utterly bleak outlook, and believing it can only lead to darker thoughts and depression. I now have faith the the Jedi Order could overcome this. I have faith that the Council could resist the temptation. I have faith that the Jedi Order would realize that leading the galaxy would not be an ideal situation, and if they were granted such power, they would resign from the office, and return to the Jedi Order before it ruled the galaxy. Again, we must have faith!

If one loses faith in the Force, loses faith in the power of the Light Side, they will be lost. They will hold no beliefs, know no faith, have nothing to hold onto. They would become alone in the galaxy, unsure of what to believe, what to hold dear, what to hold true. This would lead to great vulnerability. One could easily be swayed by the Dark Side, giving into it’s lures, or even forgetting the Force altogether. We must have faith so that we will not be faced with such a result. However, if another Jedi does lose faith in the Force, we must believe that they will again “see the light” and return to the Jedi Order, ready again to follow the path of the Light, such as Master Katarn did during the beginning days of the New Republic.

This concludes my essay on Jedi Morality and Faith. A few closing statements to meditate upon:

1. The Jedi Order follows the Jedi Code, and because of this, they have deeper morals, rather than higher morals which would set them on a pedestal above the common person.

2. We must have faith that what we are doing is right. We must meditate through the Force, acting only after we have done such things.

3. The Jedi Order can withstand all temptations of the Dark Side, even when entrusted with absolute power.

4. We will not lose faith, hope, and beliefs that we hold within the Force and the Jedi Order, for if we do, it can only lead to a state of lostness.