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Jamus Kevari

When one is accepted as an Initiate in the Jedi Order, it is expressed that one’s past life must be forgotten and consequently turn their full attention to their life learning of the Force. However, most commonly among the older students Initiated from adolescence to adulthood, this is not such a widely-practiced ideal.

In the instances where one identifies one’s self as a “proud Corellian” or claims one’s homeworld to be Malastare with a grin, it is quite contrary to Jedi beliefs. It is not wrong to express one’s characteristics, such as one’s species in the proper informational or questioning circumstances, but to flaunt the identity with pride is another case. Not only does this decrease humbleness and humility, but it also creates factions in the Jedi Order. The Jedi Order is a fraternity of many beings from different species and worlds, but once we are accepted we should simply refer to ourselves as Jedi.

Another case is with the factions of the so-called Jedi Guardians, Jedi Sentinels, and Jedi Consulars. By flaunting the title of the path one has chosen, and claiming the individual’s chosen path is the best, or to only associate with others who chose the same path is incorrect. The different paths one takes should not necessarily be known to the public of the Order, but rather embraced by the fact that we are all Jedi. However, Jedihood in itself can create a faction from greater society.

In our efforts to create and sustain peace in the Galaxy, often the Jedi are not trusted because we are not down to the Galaxy’s level. We can manipulate the Force is such ways that we become super-sentient in the eyes of the “normal” citizens of existence. We must accept ourselves, despite our talents, as “normal” citizens of existence as well. We should all claim the main similarities that we have with the other beings and masses in existence – we are the Force.

Factions should not be desired in the life of the Jedi, for it can create proud, less than humble beings. Next time one witnesses another wearing a shade of green in flaunting of Corellian ancestry, or witness one spouting the glories of being a Jedi Consular, remember this passage of the Archive memory.