JEDI HoloNet


Cyril Feraan

Enduring through the struggle,
Enduring through the pain,
We conquer each circumstance as it comes
They say we shouldn’t have to suffer,
But by what else might we be cleansed?
Perfect joy amidst the chaos,
This chaos defeated by serenity,
Will life never change?
Where is the promise anew?
Yet no fight persists forever,
And one day the battle shall be won
For our circumstances are nigh greater
Than we can solely bear
So we accept this burden gratefully
Willing ourselves to be,
To be something more,
Lifting ourselves above our problems,
Transcending, renewing our minds,
And knowing that by our suffering
And by each of life’s trials,
We might achieve a greater purpose.
Maturing and growing by our experience,
Learning from our mistakes,
By our perserverance,
We find joy even in the darkest place,
Conquering the poorest circumstances,
By not giving into apparent loss,
And then rejoicing in our victory.
For we have power over ourselves
And while influences of this galaxy
May draw us to one path or another
No matter the circumstance we find ourselves in,
We have control over ourselves,
And thus influence our circumstances in this manner,
For there is nothing else we can do,
And nothing else we need to do,
For if we do our best,
Then how have we failed?
In doing so,
Have we not made the best of our own circumstance?
Abounding in this knowledge,
Our purpose is fulfilled.