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Aspects of the Force

Unknown Author

Since the beginning of time the ancient oracles have studied the limitless nature of the Force. Philosophers and Scholars discovered that the Force was the very essence of life, a conduit in the complex cycle of life. Life and death were not finite points, merely resting points on the flowing river of the Force. All things in existence are part of the flow, living entities even more so. The ‘life force’ of a sapient being burns brightest in the chamber of light that is life. The ancients further discovered that the Force could be manipulated, through years of patient study in a way that defied all rational explanations. Due to the very nature of the Force itself adepts discovered the vast expanse of space no longer hindered communication. As these so called ‘Force Adepts’ explored the mysteries of the Force they discovered that through the force they could see past the veils of time.

As more beings sought to harness this mysterious power the ancients established places of learning in which their knowledge and traditions could be preserved and enhanced for their descendants. As with all knowledge it came to pass that these traditions of enlightenment flourished across the galaxy. Not all adepts embraced the early traditions in the same way, many focusing on one aspect of the Force. Most Force adepts studied the Force for knowledge and defense, but a few studied the Force to facilitate evil. To better understand the complexities of the Force scholars came to describe these two distinct aspects in their most fundamental form: The Light Side and the Dark Side.

The Light is a pure form of the Force intimately bound with the essence of life itself. The lights is peace, harmony and knowledge and those who follow the Light use it for only these things. The Light is nurtured and draws strength from the diversity of life, thriving where there is serenity and accord. Those emotions which enhance its flow and tap into its vast reserves of strength and peace. Patience, humility and self sacrifice are paths to enlightenment.

The Dark Side, in contrast, is a twisted form of the Light Side thriving on hate and destruction. Chaos and rage feed and nurture it. The Dark Side is a part of the natural balance of things; it is not inherently evil, but evil lurks in its irrationality, its intolerance, and its lack of control. Bestial and predatory, domination is its goal. Unyieldingly hostile and unforgiving, its disciples are blinded by greed and lust for power over those weaker than themselves.

The Light and Dark Side exist in the universe as nature intended and manifest themselves in the way they are used. In balance with the universe and each other, they exist only in our interpretation.