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“Foolhardy morons with a deathwish are the only people who go down into those caves anymore. Nothin’s down there that we don’t already got up here. Let the past die, I say. If ya don’t, YOU’LL die when the ceiling caves in on ya and yer buried in ice!”

~Tzol’ken DeBress, Loss Nelagg local

Located deep in the heat-blasted excavation tunnels underneath the Southern-Cap Continental Glacier, there is a facility that has been off-and-on excavated by various organizations over the last several hundred years.

The earliest records of possible ruins buried under the ice-swept planet’s surface date back to the administration of Skor Kalpana during the zenith of the Galactic Republic. Initial expeditions to the remote site, however, did not start until much after because of Kalpana’s focus on the Stark Hyperspace War. These records were subsequently expunged from the record upon the rise of the Galactic Empire under Sheeve Palpatine.

Some records began to resurface after the destruction of the Galactic Empire’s Death Star II showed that the Empire took a passing interest in the site during their enslavement of the local Talz population during that era. A few geological surveys made by probe droids of the era expanded on the knowledge of the site, showing that the complex was far more extensive than the Galactic Republic’s preliminary survey had detected. The assumption was, however, that it was simply the, “Ancient Capital of the native, savage, species and would only contain esoteric artifacts of no political or military value to the Empire.” and was left alone yet again.

Interest in the site was null until 307 ABY following the discovery of a Gree Hyperspace Gate on the planet by the Jedi Exploration Corp. Interest in scholarly and archaeological circles was piqued again in this long neglected site. For the next 24 years expeditions proved disheartening as initial finds of the architecture were not of traditionally understood Gree design.

Expeditions into the long, windy, and dangerous ice-tunnels dwindled as excitement about possible new Gree discoveries did the same. The movement of the Jedi away from Alzoc III to Yavin IV in 331 ABY sealed the fate of the ancient ruin.

Despite this adversity, every now and then an intrepid young scholar takes a renewed interest in the site, raising funds to send an expedition out to find the truth behind the site. Some scholarly papers and archaeological finds suggest that technology found inside the site is clearly Gree in origin. They stipulate that the finds relate to power generation using geological events, but not enough corroborating evidence has been gathered at this point to support these theories.