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The birth of technological advancement led to the ascension of sentient life. Right throughout history, the many races and differing cultures of the galaxy have strived to keep up with the rise of technological advancements. The Force and the Jedi Order is comparably similar to the dependency sentients have for technology. Today it bares the foundation for all progressive studies, careers, lifestyles and military economy. The development of technology will continue to enjoy an upward trajectory now and in the foreseeable future.

Society thrives off of competition and technology soars among the playing field, systems and governments brought to heel against those with greater knowledge of the industry, thus it being one of the many gears of war. Yet it’s not entirely negative. Through science and engineering, society has the potential to create peace through technology, to ease the lives of the unfortunate, to help defend against those that look to do harm, whether that be to sentient life or worlds themselves and to effectively use our knowledge for the good of the Galaxy.

Let us however, take a closer look at technology and narrow our focus for a moment. Ask yourselves how difficult life would be without technology. We wouldn’t have speeders, starships, no way to enter a Faster-than-light Jump-field. Would we even hold lightsabers? The truth is that the Jedi Order relies upon technology just as much as any other race, government or people. Our ability to assist galactic society, no matter how empowered and inspired by the Force, is drastically measured by our ability to move about space, to traverse planets and other tasks that may be taken for granted such as the ability to cook a meal or to purify water for healthy consumption.

If we look back over the course of history, the abundance of technological aid available today has changed everything. According to the files in the archive, the Jedi Order and other Force sensitive groups would practice their swordsmanship using primitive weapons similar to the Vibro-blades of today, which were far less reliable defensively and offensively. Medicinal practises throughout the Order focused mostly on herbal application, which included mulled down creams for smaller wounds. Illness, severe blood loss and loss of normal bodily function could result in amputation to save the rest of one’s body from succumbing to serious infection or death.

By no means is technology an aspect of our lives to take for granted. With a little bit of research into the development of society today, we can clearly see how different our lives would be without it. Thus it is imperative that we learn to appreciate what we’ve been given. Learn to use technology with great care and restraint in our day to day lives, for if we abuse our privileges and ignore the importance and potential risk behind our advances we could inherently do more harm to ourselves and the worlds we visit. For a precise example, look to the lightsaber in your hand or attached to your person.