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Resisting the Dark Side

Ergo Stomi

There are few opponents as fearful to meet in battle as the Dark Side. There are many forms it can come at you in, be it either through physical means, such as Sith or Dark Jedi, or the stronger internal temptations. It can tempt you through your best friend, or even a complete stranger you see. There is only one way to stop it and resist the lure and temptation. Control.

Battling Sith or Dark Jedi is no easy feat. In full on combat, many Jedi are not prepared for what a Sith can throw at them. Jedi training is designed to hone your own mind and body. Sith training focuses on bringing down your opponents mind and body. Sith rely on their passion and desire for power, and it is very successful in boosting their attacks. They can come at you with the fury of a hundred angry animals and the typical Jedi is unprepared to deal with that physical level of training. Because of the nature of the Dark Side, it seems stronger and more powerful, but it isn’t. A Jedi true to the will of the Force will succeed if he is patient, aware, and understands what is coming at him.

Sith also employ the technique of Dun Moch to beat down their target mentally and emotionally. The key to defeating this? Knowing yourself. A Jedi who does not know himself, on a mentally and spiritually level will succumb to the taunts and exploitations the Sith can use against him. Knowing your fears, knowing your wants and desires, not suppressing them, but knowing them, and understanding them, leads to victory over the mental barrage Dun Moch can launch at you.

The power that Sith can possess in a fight can be overwhelming for even Jedi Masters, and it is why one must be aware of what they are getting themselves into, and what they are capable of handling themselves. Running from battle doesn’t make one a coward, it just makes one smarter. Use what you can to your advantage and success will come to you. Remember, the Force wills life, and as Jedi, our duty is to protect and serve the life. Killing a helpless enemy is not the Jedi way, and death should be avoided at every cost.

Temptation is a powerful path to the Dark Side. Many Jedi have fallen due to what they believe the Dark Side can offer them. Free yourself of want and desires, free yourself of attachments, and the temptation will be less. This does not say you won’t be tempted. Even the greatest of Jedi can feel lure of the Dark Side. Desires and wants will set you up for failure and loss, and fear of loss is one of the quickest paths to the Dark Side. Learn to control your emotions, your feelings. Understand them. What causes them, who cause them, why they cause them. To have emotion is to be sentient, and Jedi should not devoid themselves of emotion. Younger students are told that there is no emotion; there is peace, from the ancient Jedi Code. This code is not wrong, but often misinterpreted. Emotion exists and we have it, even the Jedi masters. Be at peace, within yourself, and outside yourself. Understand and control the emotion, so it doesn’t control yourself. Happiness and joy included, as these can lead you to act rashly and quickly just as much as anger and hate can.

The Dark Side exists just as much as the Light Side. And as Jedi, it is our duty to confront it, and stop it from causing harm and death to others. Knowing what you’re facing is the first step of the fight.