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Tribo Orana

Padawan - Lost Star Padawan

Homeworld: Haruun Kal

Species: Korunnai


Tribo was born above the clouds to a loving mother and a tribe chieftain in his father. A popular figure throughout his tribe, Tribo spent most of his time trying to be good and proper. However wherever Tribo went mischief accidentally followed. Friends and family didn’t think much of consistent static shocks that went hand in hand with Tribo, whether brushing up against him or tucking him into bed. However, as Tribo grew up the electrical instances became too much to be a coincidence.

Born with a natural ability with electrical manipulation meant that power cuts and power surges were common when Tribo was around, that and everyone’s hair stood on end. It was Tribo’s father, the chieftain of the Orana tribe who directly contacted the watchman in the sector so Tribo could begin his journey with the Jedi.

It would only be several years later that Tribo actually arrived at the Order. Part of the ‘Lost Star’ generation of students, Tribo was part of the group of children taken by an unknown entity and trained in the use of an unknown energy. After being saved from his ‘captivity’ on Asmeru, Tribo returned home for several years before receiving a years private tuition under the Grandmaster of the Order.