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Tharon Jivler

Tharon Jivler
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Kadvarr Tirladdik, Xin Okata

Species: Kubaz

Padawan(s): Cedro Huerter


On Coruscant, a family of three Kubaz lives in a luxurious residence on the upper levels. Mother, father and son. The son, Tharon, grew fond of his father’s achievements, who served as a spy for the Republic during the Imperium War. The young Kubaz was raised and taught advanced skills of a soldier and a spy at a very young age, showing a promising talent for a spying career like the father, though he didn’t want to become a spy. Fortunately for young Tharon, fate had greater plans for him.

At the age of nine, on a day just like any day, a cloaked visitor, who was an old friend of the father’s, arrives at the Kubaz residence. As the visitor and the father were talking, Tharon watched the visitor from a distance, not letting him out of his sight, asking himself one question, “Why does he keep glancing at me?!”. The visitor left after taking a sample from Tharon’s blood, leaving the child lost in thought and confusion for days until he returned with a reassuring smile that brought ease to young Tharon’s heart.

It turned out that this “visitor” is a Jedi, who served together with Tharon’s father, and visited his old friend for advice and intel that only people like Tharon’s father have access to. The Jedi informed the father that Tharon is a Force-sensitive, which is a rare case with a Kubaz. Thus, Tharon learned of the reason behind the Jedi’s behavior, who simply said that the young Kubaz’s presence was strong in the Force. The father seemed happy about the news, and explained the situation to young Tharon. It was a shock for Tharon at first, that he will be away from his parents, yet he still felt slightly happy, because he will get to explore the galaxy that he longed to see for years.

After days of preparation, young Tharon bid farewell to his parents and accompanied the Jedi to the ship that will take them to Ossus. Tharon was quickly initiated into the Order, spent his first years at Ossus learning the basics and training with his fellow initiates. The mentors took note of his interest in theoritical and historical topics, but his potential shone in basic combat. A couple years later, he applied to take his trials to become a Padawan, which he passed at his first attempt, earning himself the rank of Padawan. Tharon started to feel he needed to break out of his routine, and that he doesn’t belong to the temple of Ossus. He received counsel from a few Masters, which eventually lead to him requesting a transfer to the Rannon branch, and thus his training continues in a new place with new people.