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Declan Norris


Homeworld: Chandrila

Species: Human


Declan Norris was born into a farming family on the rural planet of Chandrila. He was raised in a small, unnamed town. His family made ends meet by selling produce from animals and plants. Home was always a nice place for Declan to return to.

Declan was a boy of many hobbies; he was especially fond of table games such as holochess and the more leisurely pazaak, and his more athletic pastimes often included running.

Declan was easygoing and fun-loving by nature; very confident and sure of his own abilities. Declan was a stubborn boy, to an unusual extent. He had an arrogance at his core, stemming from his own perceived competence.

Declan ended up in several physical altercations in his childhood. Declan did tend to come out on top, largely thanks to to his athleticism, and the Force flowing through his veins. Nevertheless, it was these poor encounters that ultimately made him cynical and overly calculating when it came to socialization.

Despite his intelligence and confidence in various areas, Declan began to struggle with social interactions, often feeling awkward and shy in unfamiliar situations. He had developed a tendency to overthink the words and actions of himself, as well as those of other people.

Declan exhibited a possible connection to the Force as a child, displaying minor feats such as slightly enhanced physical capabilities in dire situations, and unusually complex instances of problem-solving and intellect for an individual of his age.

Fittingly, his Force-sensitivity manifested itself for the first time in a board game, when he managed to beat his father in holochess with no prior practice. Eventually, he caught the eyes of his family members, and then those of the Watchmen of the Jedi Praxeum on Rannon.

Declan’s journey to the Praxeum was one of difficulty and sacrifice. Leaving behind his family and the comforts of home at the age of 12, he embarked on a new path to learn the ways of the Jedi. His difficulties forming meaningful bonds with others had made his family, and the few friends he had, all the more important to him.

Despite the feelings of longing and homesickness, his determination and sense of purpose fueled his passion and desire to follow the Jedi path. It felt like an opportunity to start over; a critical moment.