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Many of history’s great endeavors have had a single contributing factor which has shaped the way we live today. The social and cultural order of many factions of the galaxy have been shaped by perseverance. What is perseverance? Simply put; to stride at a task which shows no sign of ease or immediate signs of success. Wars have often been fueled by perseverance, backed with moral and cultural factors to keep them going. Without the success or failure of these wars, our life today could very well be a completely different climate. It’s an important philosophy to hold, even without being a Jedi. If we can allow ourselves to push on through pure will power, we reach places that are unpredicted through the safe route. As Jedi, many assignments, lessons or simply even conversations have had perseverance laced into their fabric. Like the galaxy, without this factor; the way we live may be very different today.

Why is it important to persevere? Quite frankly, to push it to learn. If we do not take risks, push, and take casualties or sacrifice time and patience, we often do not reach the same result as we could by just staying strong, sticking to it. Why as Jedi, should we persevere? Once again, we’re renowned for our status as peacemakers, as diplomatic fixers and extremely hardy warriors in some circles. The main contribution to this reputation is by those Jedi who have formed these rumors by persevering and exercising patience. In all things. Now, in saying this; it isn’t encouraged that we push on to the brink of death, starvation or mental instability to perform our tasks. We’re constantly undergoing meditation to keep our minds clear, and ourselves at peace. So, with a clear mind, we can persevere safely to achieve our primary goals.

There are many different scenarios in which this philosophy can assist and better the situation, and people around us. An example can be for a diplomatic argument, or meeting. The Jedi has been asked to mediate, and therefore needs to exercise tremendous amounts of patience, tolerance and most of all; perseverance. A diplomatic clash is often a strenuous task, involving multiple variables, philosophies, cultural clashes and even personal disputes. Even when things appear bleak, through patience, a clear mind and a persevering attitude, a Jedi can find a solution through all the chaos.

Every Jedi will have to exercise perseverance at least once in their lifetime. So this philosophy is something that should exemplified and taught at a young age, so students can learn to develop patience and also understand the difference between being stubborn, and thinking through a solution. There is a monumental life skill in this philosophy, as its applicable to dozens of scenarios. Not only will this better this persons tolerance for stressful situations, but in leadership qualities (which quite frankly is an obligatory skill for the Jedi), it’ll strengthen their ease at making decisions, handling the pressures and ultimately succeeding in their goal.