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Patience and Life

Moza Ferorn

What is patience? Patience is something all sentients are faced with in their lives. It is the ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay. Delays can include waiting for another person, waiting in line, waiting for an event to unfold, and many other things. It does not matter if it is animal on the hunt, or a human being waiting in line at the local food market. Some time in their life, they are faced with a trial of patience. Patience is necessary for a being to grow and become successful. It is important to recognize when patience is needed. If one realizes when he or she must be patient, then they are able to control themselves in terms of waiting, and occupying their time with something productive.

If one gains the quality of being patient, they make growth and personal development possible. Through patience, one is able to learn from his environment, he is able to adapt to it, and he is able to mature personally and mentally. Though impatience is often seen in those of younger ages, the young ones begin to realize that little is gained by being restless or annoyed when faced with an act that requires patience. They learn from their mistakes, and their actions, and slowly begin to adapt themselves. They begin to find things that interest them, inspire them, and when faced with the need of patience, they are able to deal with their problem. As time goes on, they begin to grow from their adaptations. The beings learn that they will only succeed by having patience, and that once again, little will come from impatience.

Along with growth and development of ones character and personality, one is able to form a sense of maturity from patience. For example, at the temple, a lot of the children and guests make mistakes. The Knights and Masters are there to comfort and support the guests. To do this, the older beings must have a lot of patience, and take time to work with the children. By doing this, both beings mature. The younger being is able to realize their mistake, fix it, and learn from it. The older being matures by tolerating the child, and helps the younger one by guiding him. Through patience, one grows more mature by exerting themselves, interacting with others, and providing themselves with activities that are productive when confronted with a delay of any sorts.

Patience is one of the most important challenges a Jedi is faced with. Whether it be a spar or a real battle, training, interacting with his peers, Masters, or friends, or even teaching, a Jedi must have control of his own patience. During combat of any sorts, if a Jedi is impatient, he will easily be defeated. If he shows patience, he will be able to adapt to his opponent and eventually come to defeat him. During a Jedi’s training, starting even before initiation, a Jedi must be patient, learn from their mistakes, and be able to learn and succeed. However, if they are impatient, then they can’t grasp certain lessons. They will become frustrated and eventually conflicts with their training will arise. During the the first several years of ones training, it is very common to see impatience. But, as mentioned before, they learn that through impatience, they will not be able to proceed with their training. They will not mature and be able to grasp certain concepts. Lastly, another situation where patience is required, especially during Knighthood, is when teaching a student, whether it be your own Padawan, or another student of the Order. If the Knight or Master in question is impatient with the student, then they will not be able to provide support or knowledge to the student. I personally have realized that teaching someone is very difficult at times, but if I show patience, I am able to provide what I need to the student. So, it is very important for a Jedi, whether a student or a Knight or Master, to have grasped the concept of patience. If they wish to have success with their training, advance to knighthood, and eventually teach on their own, patience is a necessity.

So, to conclude, patience is a vital aspect in anyone’s life, Jedi or not. Patience is something that helps us all grow, and is something that should not be ignored. To succeed, we must not become antsy, or aggravated with anything, or anyone. By doing this, we grow into excellent learners, students, teachers. We become mature, and are able to master the act of being patient. And by mastering it, we are are able to do many things that some could not do. Patience is what helps us grow mentally, in our maturity, and makes us better beings.