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Lord Rishi

I am Lord Rishi… I Address you as the ruler of the Sith. For sixty years I have built my power and waited in the unknown regions, and for the last decade my hand has altered the course of Galactic Events. Today we reveal ourselves to the Galaxy… Today we make our demands. The Jedi order, your sworn protectors, your defenders, your heroes, will surrender themselves to local authorities who in turn shall surrender them to my fleet. Each day the Jedi order continues to exist, the Sith shall strike and destroy the people of a system. No woman or child shall be spared.

I will not lie to you, people of the Galaxy, children of the Force… nor shall I explain my will and intentions. Know this though, I am a man of my word. My vengeance is terrible. We cannot be stopped.

You have seen the machinations of our plans, you witnessed the fall of Cloud City, now witness the death of two-hundred senators, one each minute for the next two-hundred minutes.

Surrender yourselves now Jedi. You have no hope. Yield and allow the galaxy to develop unguided by your arrogant Council.

Broadcast Signal Encrypted… 266.14

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