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Breaking News: Ascendancy Sends Request For Ceasefire!

Reports are coming in and spreading across all communication frequencies, that the official request for a ceasefire has just been received from the Ascendancy’s government in Csaplar, on Csilla. The request states their wish to negotiate terms to ending the War and respectfully ask for a ceasefire, putting an end to what has been a rigorous assault on the lower Chiss Space. 

There have been reports of rejoicing on both sides as orders came in for the military to cease all operations and retreat back to their respective military holding. With this, it appears that the seemingly endless and costly War is now coming to it’s inevitable end – and not a moment too soon for all the men and women caught up in these battles.

Sources say that, upon the arrest and capture of the Ascendancy Commander in Chief, the long sought after Rinne’selen’omare was found on the surface of Copero. Additionally, the effects gained by the substantial loss to the Ascendancy fleet in the Southern Territories, and Southern Chiss Space, placed tremendous pressure onto the ruling houses of the Ascendancy hierarchy. However, after the fall of Rhigar due to the joint efforts of the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi Order branch on Coruscant, the decision was made to request a ceasefire and negotiate the terms to ending the War.

Acting Chief-of-State, Admiral Wilkinson, was quick to release the following statement.

“A few days ago, I asked a tremendous amount from all the men and women within our Military but also from across all departments aiding our efforts in the final stages of this War. We have suffered great losses and we have had to endure a greater pain, as the War continued to escalate in severity and intensity. However, I can confirm that today the Ascendancy ruling body has sent contact which requests a ceasefire to end the War and a meeting to negotiate terms. Intelligence suggests this is a legitimate request and we have taken the decision to accept it.

I ask for a little more time of you all now, but I assure you that we will act quickly and decisively to ensure the War is finished and that no further conflict shall continue.

Soon… we will be going home.”

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