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Integrity: every Jedi must have it. In the eyes of the galaxy we are looked at as icons, symbols of peace and wisdom. It’s obligatory that we serve the Jedi Code, naturally, but to hold on to our morals and be honest and respectful absolutely is just as important. It’s these values that gives us the status we do in the public eye. If we do not believe in our own morals, who’s to believe our intentions are just? We become one sided. Transparent.

Why is this so important? The Jedi historically have been servants of the Force, and an asset to assisting the galaxy, without bias of any faction. We help all that require it, as it is our mantra. We train all of our lives for this. We dedicate them. Though the population of the galaxy doesn’t know every little thing about us, they all share a common thought. The Jedi are a religious group who have magical powers, and fight evil.

Even criminals share this perception too, the inflection is just different. Why? Because we all share a single, unbreakable bond. We are all sentients. We exist in a storm of social and cultural differences, all fighting for supremacy of the other in billions of different minds. We are all the same. Skin color, physiology or even languages do not separate us from the fact that we will always be equal with every living thing.

Why mention this? Because in our integrity, we must acknowledge the equality of all live. It’s immoral to look down on others because their species is different, because they’re sentient, like you. As Jedi, we’re expected to represent this idea more than any other faction in the galaxy. We’re impartial to prejudice; we preserve the balance of life.

I am not a Jedi yet. I haven’t yet achieved the role of Knight, and with it the occupation of journeying the galaxy as an arm of the Council to assist the people. But, I am a sentient. I do it because it is the right thing to do. I help others, I respect life in all forms. I’m no better than anyone else because I’m force-sensitive, on the contrary. It’s just a profession like any other. This is integrity. This is the integrity which should display as such a strong example to all sentients. We are an icon, it’s our obligation; this is our life.