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Ignorance. Simply it’s the state of being misinformed with information. To be ignorant is a simple, and superficial state to the sentient life outside of the Order. But as Jedi, our expectations to be knowledgeable and open to all forms of life, and ‘know what to do’ is a virtue we as Jedi train for and hope to fulfill. It’s so important, to the extent that its mentioned in the Code. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. One of the lines, something that from before we join the Order under the eyes of the Council, we will have heard at least once or twice. Even though its expected we learn the Code, we do not learn it instantly. It takes years upon years.

However, this doesn’t excuse us from beginning to form the constructs to understanding. Specifically, ignorance. If we do not spend time attempting to decipher what the Code means to us, we’re literally by definition being ignorant. So, each and every Jedi should go through a process to deciphering this line. First, find out what the term ignorance means. It isn’t just a derogatory statement used to belittle others. It’s a state of mind, which often may exist without intention, only circumstance. After having discovered this, we must think what it means to us, as Jedi, to not be ignorant.

Personally, I feel ignorance is something that exists by circumstance. I have the circumstance of managing Archives in one of the many dozen Enclaves of the Jedi Order, so I have large amounts of access to information and knowledge. I feel that, I have access to the information; so I’ll use it. I spend much of my time reading from articles in the Archives. Why? Because the circumstances of my position allow me. This extends to all members of the Enclave. They have access to this information. So, what does this mean to me as a Jedi? We’re privileged to have access to this knowledge. It would be illogical to exploit this chance to better your understanding of the galaxy around you.

Thirdly, we must acknowledge that all people are equal in the eyes of the Force. We are all sentients, and we must exercise tolerance to other peoples circumstances. For example, a librarian ahead of a major representative library of a planetary system. They may have access to less of the amounts of information as I do, but they most likely have access to information I don’t have. Local knowledge, written contributions from political figures, local gurus and the such. There is absolutely no instance where I will ever know more than a local librarian, in terms of important information. That’s a subjective term. We are all equal. Just because we are Jedi, does not mean we know everything. Quite the contrary, our knowledge is limited to a vague, broad spectrum.

To conclude; we are no better than any other. Ignorance is a matter of subjecting yourself to learning, as opposed to refusing to do so, or by being unable to through circumstance. To understand the Code is an endeavor which nobody will learn instantly. But, it can’t take forever. We have been given the opportunity to reach all this information, we must use it and retain true to our Code. There is no ignorance; there is knowledge. Others afford opportunity in their own experiences and knowledge. To ignore that potential, is the epitome of ignorance.