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The Circle of First Knowledge

The Circle of First Knowledge

The flow of knowledge and information has always been vital to the continuing operations of the Jedi Order, and thus the Circle of First Knowledge was established to actively engage in regulation of those responsible for this work. The Archivists, Scholars and Researchers of the Order are all collected under the auspices of the Circle of First Knowledge. Constituted by the members of the Order who have excelled in their studies and who have devoted their life to scholarship.
The Circle is responsible for the following:

– Regulating and maintaining the flow of information in the Order, cataloguing new information into the Temple Archives
– Ensuring consistency of information flow between the various Temples of the Order
– Protecting sensitive data as well as access to the Jedi Holocrons
– Being responsible for initiating research projects and archaeological digs in the field

Traditionally, members of the Circle of First Knowledge are drawn from every Temple and Enclave the Order possesses.

Notable Members

Yavin IV Temple

  • Aslyn Denethorn – Jedi Knight
  • Silas Vir’n – Jedi Knight
  • Galen Sol – Aspirant