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Sirius Varrk

Sirius Varrk

Homeworld: Alpheridies

Species: Miraluka


Born on the Planet of Alpheridies in the Abron System, Sirius Varrk the eldest of two sons to Jann & Lewis Varrk.

Like most Miraluka children, Sirius grew up and expected to become a
member of the Luka Sene, but was also scouted by the jedi order, his parents were a little unsure about the
dangers of their son becoming a Jedi and not living a peaceful life on Alpheridies. Sirius, being a respectful child, would never answer back to his parents
and the more they talked about his future among themselves, he never once spoke up to say what he wanted for himself.

He had a brother two years younger than himself, which was great for
Sirius as he would always had someone to play with and talk to about his own feeling or desire. He often
dreamed about becoming a great Jedi Knight and helping to protect and serve the innocent, just like the Jedi in the stories he and his brother had often read or heard about.

The Varrk family lived on a small crop farm just out side of a settlement called Chamil where they owned a market stall to sell their crops.
Sirius would often help out while also looking after his younger brother, working at this stall would lead Sirius to his first encounter with a Jedi.

Sirius was cleaning up at the back when a tall hooded figure approached his mother with Sirius just out of range of their

“Afternoon, do have happen to have Maroj Melon?” asked the cloaked man.

“*Hm*, let me have a look, just a moment Sir.” she replied.

She began to look through the different crates stacked around the stall where the stock was kept. After not
finding any of the requested fruit, she shouted to Sirius for assistance.

“Sirius!” His Mother called out.

The sound of feet was faintly heard scuffing the ground just before Sirius popped his head around the corner of the tent.

“Yes mother?” Sirius answered.

“Do we have any maroj melon left?” She asked.

Thinking to himself for a moment, Sirius dusted himself off and moved
into the back once again, a lot of rustling and banging is heard before
Sirius appeared once again.

“Ah ha! The last one and it’s in perfect condition!” Sirius exclaimed.

Sirius walked over to the man and handed him the piece of fruit.
“That’ll be three credits mister”
The man pushed back his hood to reveal his face, where a blindfold covered his eyes much the same as most Miraluka would have been accustomed too.

“Here you go…” reaching in to his side pocket, he produced the credits that were asked for, but as he did it revealed a slight glimpse of his Lightsaber hilt.

Sirius took a few steps back, looking up at the male Miraluka, who by this time had noticed the young boys reaction to the Lightsaber attached to his hip.

“The names Sebastin Creed, and yes, that is my Lightsaber” Sebastin explained.

“You’re a Jedi?” Asked Sirius.
Sebastin Nodded in confirmation “Yes, I am.”

Suddenly, Jann Varrk looked towards Sebastin and smiled in recognition.
“My, my, I haven’t seen you for many years, I hadn’t even recognize you.” she said.
“It has been a long time, Jann.” Replied Sebastin, offering a friendly smile.

“What brings you back here?” quizzed Jann

“Just passing by is all.” He vaguely explained

“I see, well you should visit the Luka Sene, I know they keen to interact with any Jedi that visit. Even Sirius here has a desire to join the Jedi Order, but we are also discussing him enrolling with the Luka Sene.” said Jann.

“Well, I have been with the Jedi Order all my life and I have seen many wonderful and great things in my travels.” He turns his head slightly before adding, “I have a feeling Sirius would actually thrive with such a life style.”

Sirius nodded, a smile upon his face showed the excitement of talking with a member of the Jedi Order.

“He would learn a lot from them too, I know I did.” Sebastin said with confidence.

Jann nodded a few times, clearly taken in by what Sebastin was suggesting, of the opportunities that could be presented to Sirius.

“Well, I would need to talk it over with Sirius’s father…” She proclaimed.

“I understand, it is never an easy thing to simply agree too. I would be more than happy to accompany you and speak with him, if it would put your minds at ease.” Sebastin offered.

“I think that would be best, I mean…” before she could finish, Sebastin interjected.

“It’s fine, really. We can simply have a little talk and if you like what I present to you, then I can help Sirius make the transition.

It’s the least I could do for an old friend. Besides, I think this encounter was no coincidence.” He offered a subtle smile, glancing over to Sirius.
Hours later, Sebastin arrived at the Varrk’s family home where he would meet with Sirius and his parents. They spent the whole evening discussing what
the Jedi Order could offer Sirius in terms of education and life style, but also what it meant to dedicate yourself to the Order.
The parents were skeptical, asking a lot of questions, but after hearing Sebastin out they finally agreed too it. Sebastin left the home to allow the family to spend one final night together before he would return to take Sirius with him to Coruscant.

“Are you ready to go then, Sirius?” Asked Sebastin, offering an encouraging nod.

“I sure am, Sebastin!” Answered Sirius, grinning with anticipation.

“Well, at first I will need to take you to Coruscant, to be properly screened for membership. If you are successful, then I will see about having you transferred to my branch on Alzoc III. We already have another Miraluka student by the name Kantha, I think it would be a benefit to you to have someone else closer to your age.”

After a long trip to Coruscant, Sirius would be entered into the screening process which all hopefuls would be put through.  Being a Miraluka, he was naturally force sensitive, but the screening would determine if he had the capacity to become a Jedi.
He passed the test with relative ease and was informed that the request to have him see out his trial period with the Jedi on Alzoc III had been accepted.

Arriving on Alzoc, Sirius paused for a moment in front of the entrance before taking in a large breathe and exhaling slowly. The doors opened and he began to walk through, feeling the cold draft on his skin as he entered the Enclave, not knowing that now his life would change forever.

Account Information

Class: none
XP: 9 (5 used, 4 remaining)
Level: none
Rank: Guest
AdminRank: None
Model scale: 100%
Force bonds: none

Force Template:

Jump: [5] [15] [20] [30] [40] (0 / 110)
Push: [5] [15] [20] [30] [40] (0 / 110)
Pull: [5] [15] [20] [30] [40] (0 / 110)
Speed: [10] [15] [25] [40] [55] (0 / 145)
Seeing: [5] [10] [20] [35] [50] (0 / 120)

Absorb: [10] [15] [25] [40] [60] (0 / 150)
Heal: [10] [15] [25] [40] [60] (0 / 150)
Protect: [10] [15] [25] [40] [60] (0 / 150)
Mind trick: [10] [15] [25] [40] [60] (0 / 150)
Heal others: [15] [20] [30] [45] [65] (0 / 175)

Hold: [10] [15] [25] [40] [60] (0 / 150)
Slow: [10] [15] [25] [40] [60] (0 / 150)
Storm: [10] [15] [25] [40] [60] (0 / 150)
Fury: [10] [15] [25] [40] [60] (0 / 150)
Force Meld: [15] [20] [30] [45] [65] (0 / 175)

Saber Offense: [5] [15] [20] [30] [40] (5 / 110)
Saber Defense: [10] [15] [25] [45] [60] (0 / 155)
Saber Throw: [10] [20] [30] [50] [80] (0 / 190)