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Jacen Ginos

Jacen Ginos

Homeworld: Mamendin

Species: Human


Justin Ginos, a man in the early thirties with a willow body, hazel eyes and short, wavy, black hair. Was a freelancer, although he was often seen doing hunting tasks, not the crude work of the Bounty Hunter but he was an Animal Hunter, he hated wild animals of any sort for a strange mental reason he himself couldn’t put out with words. Justin was a man that was a generally kind man to other humans but his Wrath towards the animals was his counter balance. At this time he was already married with the mother of Jace.

Margaret Boyd was a worker at one of the many furniture factories on Achillea where spacia wood was converted into Furniture which was on high demand throughout the galaxy, she is a woman in her mid 20s. She was below average height and stocky with striking features, medium, straight, pale brown hair, and hazel eyes. Margaret had a weakness for vanity, and strives for generosity. She met Justin Ginos while she was busy getting some well needed rest after work, going towards another Cantina, just around the corner.

The Drunken Falcon Cantina, was a very small, decent cantina with slightly overpriced drinks of Good quality, it was a crowded day like usual although it was unusually quiet and subdued, most of the crowd in the Cantina was shady looking and almost all the dark corners were occupied by man doing shady deals. Half of the Patrons were drunk and none of them was openly armed, the bartender seemed sleepy and was not paying attention to the present crowd in any way, the man only seemed to spring back alive each time someone came to order a drink. 

Margaret walked over to the bartender, placing her elbows on the shiny yet stained, and dirty counter top, she eyed the sleepy bartender up and down a few times and let out a long, drawn sigh, whispering the usual order, a ‘Flameout’- the Flameout was an extremely strong alcoholic beverage that, when mixed correctly, was known for producing sensations similar to a scalding of the tongue and a freezing of the throat; the secret ingredient in this concoction was Spice. The man nodded in responds to her question and began mixing up the drink, at this point in time Justin himself walked next to her, crossing his arms and puffing up his chest, his long hunting rifle peeking just above his shoulder has he eyed Margaret up and down a few times with a faint smirk. She turned her head slightly as she was fumbling in her right hand pocket of her trousers before realizing Justin was looking at her, she let out a sound of displeasure, looking up at him and asking what he wanted.

Justin shrugged and continued by introducing himself to her, Margaret merely nodded and suspected the man with a long hunting rifle on his back to be a certain Bounty Hunter, she turned her eyes off him without introducing herself and accepted her drink from the bartender, paying with some of her credits before turning her back to him and walking off towards one of the booths along the sides of the cantina. Justin followed her and set down with a puff in the soft cushions of the cantina’s benches, the light above them was slightly dimmed, Margaret liked the appearance of Justin his face, however she was one that would fall for characteristics, and even if she was annoyed by the previous attempt she accepted it this time and introduced herself, the two chatted until the night dawned and they both seemed to be interested in each others personality, Justin brought her home where it ended in a normal chat, the following days, months this relationship grew out to be a love relation, and the two hooked with each other. A year, before all the trouble dawned.

The relationship went well and the two have been together for almost each day, Margaret was the one that made the most credits out of the two, and Justin finally had quit the hunting business to join The Achillean Law Enforcement, he joined as a mere Cadet but was serving rather well, his rifle skills went well on par with that of a regular blaster, he was loyal and his kindness showed a good trait in his job.

One day Justin was off duty and Margaret was on a day off as well, the two spent a romantic time together going on a hiking trail trough the plains and going to one of the islands in the Achillean Oceans. The two spent a romantic night together , and nine months later!

Somewhere out there in the vast nothingness of space. Somewhere far away in space and time. Staring upward at the gleaming stars in the obsidian sky. Marooned on a small island, in an endless sea. Confined to a tiny spit of sand, unable to escape. But tonight, on this small planet, on Achillea. Jace Ginos was born, the moonlight shined upon his father and mother that were going through this miraculous time, Jace let out the cry of life, looking up in his mothers eyes for a brief second before closing them naturally, closing his eyes and swirling into the dreamy world…

At the moment Jace closed his eyes he could see The Force, and hear it, yet he was still unaware of it, visions of the future, flashes and even entire stories were developing in front of his tiny blue eyes, as if it had already been set, however- The future was a moving thing and most of the visions remained neutral. These visions showed the events that would eventually part him from his parents and side him with the Jedi Order, however- There was a story ahead from that moment on…

Jace Ginos grew up with his parents that lived rather careful on raising Jace properly, they sent him to school on an early age of three years old where he learnt to speak basic and other general knowledge additions.

Jace had a lot of friends during his school period in life, he was one to make friends rather quick and was first to talk to new faces around him, friends usually followed him if he was doing anything that the others weren’t, he wasn’t the inventor of games however, he had little imagination that could create such things- He played with the others however and enjoyed playing games, mostly because it kept him busy with creating a stronger bond between him and his friends and also because it entertained him to a certain degree.Â

After a long school day, Jace would lay down outside in the gardens or out on the plains and look up at the sky above…

I wonder, are there any other worlds. With a spark of life and intelligence burns? Is it possible that, as I look up at the same stars, On a warm evening, or a snowy midnight. And wonder if I am alone in the universe, At that same instant someone else on a distant world Is looking up at the same sky. And wondering the very same question?

Jace was a boy like any other. He enjoyed the stories his father told him almost every evening, stories about bold adventurers. He played with his friends and he lived a normal life. Until he was discovered. A Jedi visited Achillea for business that concerned only him, and he, trough the force’s ripples, sensed a Force Presence nearby.

He searched and finally found the then five years old Jace Ginos, laying on the grassy plains, looking up at the starry sky. After a very long discussion with the parents, Jace was taken by the Jedi to the Jedi Order to be trained in the Ways of the Force. ..